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Feathered wings suck when they molt. )


Main - He's 21 at the oldest (Can see this being his age when the books start for some reason) and the X-men are still a small group.

B&W - Time skips him until he meets Betsy Braddock ([personal profile] miss_braddock ),whom he's currently married to.

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character info.
NAME. Warren Worthington III | Angel
SERIES. Marvel 616.
birthday. age.
height and weight.
Warren's healthy though confuseled
Arrived | september 23 (week five day 1)
Staying | ???

His wing harness | tan khakis | white suite shirt | tan sports coat | dress shoes | his uniform - original variation which is blue and yellow | sunglasses | keys to his mustang
GOALS. Surviving and getting back home because really scary place!
TRIGGERS. Damage to his wings
He's healthy, though the peacock here does get squamish if anyone attempts to damage his wings.
MENTAL INFO. He's used to a telepath in his head, and though he doesn't have sheilds, he knows how to hide some thoughts (Not perfectly though.
Oh please do, I'm cool with messing with his head.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. He's used to people wanting to pet the feathers.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS.He's Bi (Leans more towards women) If there's interest talk to me first.
INJURE/KILL.Talk to me first, though I'm cool with injuring him and killing him if there's a reason for it.
Go for it, he's not very techy. I've pulled him from the early comics so they don't even know what a cellphone is
Not that I can think of.
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Warren Worthington
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ARE YOU 16 OR OVER?:God I hope so I have 2 others in the game. (32)
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CHARACTER NAME: Warren Kennith Worthington III
SERIES: Marvel Comics 616 - Warren's page, 616 reality page
Just before Jean Grey leaves for college (Issue 24 (Back in 1966))
APPEARANCE: Blond hair, Blue eyes, six foot tall, oh and a pair of white feathered wings sprouting from his back.



Warren's not the kind to sit around if he sees something wrong going on. Sometimes this can backfire on him, but most of the time it allows him to save people and lives. The first time he 'acted' as a hero it was to save some classmates from a fire before he was even one of Xavier's students. He’d also step in between fights with bullies, which is how he made friends with Cameron Hodge.  This causes him to make some rash decisions that can get him into trouble at times, usually when one of his friends are in trouble he'll rush in without thinking and sometimes get himself trapped as well.

He’s a bit of a playboy (Not to Tony Stark’s extent) and loves to sweep beautiful women off their feet, some even get a moonlight flight for two. Warren hates seeing a woman cry, doesn’t matter if they’re an enemy or not (He’s fallen for it once or twice when Scarlet Witch has gotten upset). It makes him a little easier to target because he’ll turn most of his attention to the woman. This means sometimes he gets a little distracted usually means ‘hello wall where you come from?’.

He’s loyal to his friends, X-men come before any other allies he may have in a fight only because they’re more of a family than his own. Though if a friend of his is in trouble he’ll be one of the first drop everything and fly to the rescue. Because of his loyalty to his friends if on a mission he’s reluctant to leave them as well. The few times he’s had to he was only gone long enough to get someone that could help with the situation; since at his canon point there are only five X-men (Cyclops, Beast, Marvel Girl, Iceman and himself) as well as the Professor. At this point he knows of the Avengers, Fantastic Four and he knows the rumor of Spiderman in New York, so he knows that he and his team aren’t that unique, there are other heroes out there and even if personalities clash he will work alongside them long enough to actually the job done.

Warren, despite his identity being known to his teammates/classmates keeps it hidden from the public for the most part. His parents don’t even know that he has wings sprouting out of his back. This is through the use of a harness to keep his wings folded up behind him and tailored suits, Warren can’t wear anything off the rack with his back.

With the X-men, Warren likes to spoil them when he can, even if it makes some of them uncomfortable (Scott hates it and likes to pay for things when he Warren and Jean go out). He may bicker with Hank and Bobby, but usually it’s only in training, the two are his closest friends, Bobby a little more so, he feels responsible for the youngest member of the team even though he knows Bobby can take care of himself most of the time.

At the point I’m pulling Warren from he’s used to having people mistaking him for a real angel because of his wings, it’s given him a slight ego (Okay really he’s a peacock he loves showing them off) and he loves it when they’re touched. He’s protective over his wings as well. After all he sees them as his best feature. I did mention peacock right?

ABILITIES:The point I’m taking Warren from is well before the thought of his metal wings are even a possibility. So I’m taking his stats from there and adjusting them as much as I can.

His body is genetically built for flight with hollow-ish bones to make his bone structure lighter, his heart’s stronger to help pump blood through more body mass than normal, and his white feathered wings which in case of extreme temperatures just means he has a built in feather blanket.

Enhanced eyesight – Warren’s able to see things clearly from greater distances, this helps so he can act as a look out if needed, and just generally helps him in flight.

Durability – Really you can throw him around and through a wall and he’ll get back up for the most part, He’ll be sore, but it takes more to take him down than it would take a human.

Regeneration – he has a healing factor, wounds such as a broken bone takes days to heal instead of weeks, though this doesn’t mean he’ll be in a rush to break them since it still hurts like hell.

Heightened strength – Warren can lift at least three hundred pounds to carry for short distances in flight, 200 pounds he can carry for further distances with less trouble. Though this will tire him out if he has to do it too often.

Going with non mutant skills

Warren’s competent at hand to hand combat. He just doesn’t really like to fight if he can avoid it (The professor’s teachings)

He’s got people skills, Warren’s personality makes people listen to him he never demands.

He has some gun training. Probably rifle and he’s seen in one issue with a handgun. Though these skills I see he doesn’t rely on. The rifle’s headcanon, since skeet shooting’s a rich man sport I can see him doing it in school before Xavier’s. I can also see him being a good with the longer range weapons because of his eye sight.

Warren’s able to lead a team, and one of the arguments he and Scott constantly have is over leadership of the team when Xavier’s unable to. Though he grudgingly agrees that Xavier made the right choice for the team leader.

Tracking – because of his eye sight he’s able to pick up details that might get over looked by most people. It comes in handy when he’s following someone (Like in a high speed chase) or if he’s trying to avoid getting captured (This case… sometimes he doesn’t pay attention and just blunders in)

His wing harness
tan khakis
white suite shirt
tan sports coat
dress shoes
his uniform - original variation which is blue and yellow
keys to his mustang



Okay, I know I said I liked cruises, but really my idea of one has 5 star catering and maybe shuffleboard.  This… Well its not the first time I’ve been kidnapped.  First time they haven’t locked me in chains or a cage to hold me though.

And they have the professor here, well, okay a younger version of him, which is really weird. 

Okay yeah I’m missing the others now though.  Bobby’s antics would give me an excuse to forget about the storm outside.  These living quarters are far too small.  I can barely stretch out my wings which sucks I need the sky right now.

And writing in this isn’t going to help me feel better about missing it.  I’m going to go see if I can find something to do.


He was people watching.  Okay, so he was currently sitting up on the top of the captain’s deck watching the deck below.  His wings were stretched out behind him, the breeze ruffling feathers though he wasn’t in the mood to fly.  He had enough of seeing the ocean under him and the sky above.

“God I would kill to see Lady Liberty right now.”  With that he stretched out on the roof an arm covering his eyes from the sun.  “And while I’m at it, let’s add one of those micro brews and a game of pool at Harry’s.”  He was just talking to talk, missing Hank and Bobby mostly, and Jean.  “Scott you better be taking advantage of this.  I get back and you haven’t asked her out I’m telling her your feelings for her.”  He sighed.  Despite how he usually dressed complete suit and tie, he was barefooted today, cutoffs and sans shirt, it was too hot to wear more and he really wished the shark weren’t in the water, a high dive into the ocean was sounding like a wonderful idea.
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Warren was born into money and spent most of his childhood in boarding schools, spending holidays and a few weeks in the summer with his parents. Because of this he’s been able to hide his mutant gift from his parents thus far.

The first time he played ‘hero’ was when a fire broke out at the academy he was in. Warren rescued his fellow students from the fire, and decided he’d keep it up because he loved the feeling he got from being able to use his wings, as well as helping others.

This put him on Xavier’s radar and he soon was recruited for the X-men, being the third student Xavier took in. In the early years he was a bit of a show off, often trying for attention of his classmates (Jean) or just trying to out do Bobby (whom in mun’s head canon Warren takes under his wing as a little brother). He proves that he’s a team player when it counts, and tries to be a good role model at least.


Warren has slightly higer than normal strength in his upper body (Those wings are good for something)

His endurance is stronger than normal.

Sight's better than normal allowing him to be able to keep a better view on things going on on the ground while he's in the air. He can also see a little further which comes in handy if he's tailing someone in a plane or chopper.

He's a decent leader, though doesn't like to take charge most of the time. This is mostly because he knows that Xavier was right in his choice of apointing Scott Summers leader of the X-men. They may butt heads, but it's to keep Scott on his toes.

NAME: Warren Kenneth Worthington III
NICKNAMES: Warren, Angel, Feathers
AGE: 21-24
GENDER: male
HAIR: blond
EYES: Blue

MARITAL STATUS: most verses single (He's married to Betsy Braddock([personal profile] miss_braddock) in [community profile] hiddenhavens ) He's also 'adopted' Wanda Maximoff ([personal profile] scarlet_discord) as a little sister
SEXUALITY: Bi (Mostly straight, though there are few exceptions to the rule)
OCCUPATION: Student, Heir to a fortune
RESIDENCE: Xavier's school for gifted youngsters

LIKES: Flying, women, fast cars,
DISLIKES: Walls (They hurt if you crash into them)

PARENTS: Warren Kenneth Worthington Jr. (Father) Katheryn Worthington (mother)
SIBLINGS: Wanda Maximoff (Unofficially adopted sister)
OTHER RELATIVES: The other X-men whom he thinks of as extended family.

FRIENDS: Robert Drake (Iceman), Henry McCoy (Beast), Scott Summers (Cyclops), Jean Grey (Marvel Girl), Charles Xavier (Professor X), X-force,
ENEMIES: Magneto, Brotherhood of evil Mutants, Inner Circle (Even though he's a member of Hellfire club)
NEUTRAL: Scarlet Witch (And through her Quicksilver) Avengers,


Main - He's 21 at the oldest (Can see this being his age when the books start for some reason) and the X-men are still a small group.

B&W - Time skips him until he meets Betsy Braddock ([personal profile] miss_braddock),whom he's currently married to.


Warren's wings allow him the ability to fly.

He has enhanced strength (His body is designed with bird like qualities which include better ciculation and energy consumption).

His body is adapted for flight and aerial combat.

Naturally enhanced healing. It takes him days to heal from most injuries where it would take a normal person weeks.

Given and Denied
Poets of the Fall
Sword and Shield
Sister Hazel
Closing Time
30 Seconds to Mars
Another Heart Calls
All-American Rejects
Behind Blue Eyes
The Who
Sympathy for the Devil
Rolling Stones
Learn to fly
Foo Fighters


OOC: Nicky · 32 · est | PB: Devon Sawa| Game [community profile] marvelmultiverse | CHARACTER SHEET MADE BY LAYOUTTESST
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((Cont from here))

Warren pouted ever so slightly when she pulled away, though he didn't complain. He did pull the blanket carefully back over them once he gained his breath back.

"Wish I had done that sooner." He smiled in the dim light at her, his thumb tracing her lips lightly.
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Trained just like a homing pigeon )
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If you woke up one morning and found me in your bed, what's the first thing you'd think or say?
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Warren was reading the paper, okay mostly he was avoiding listening to his dad drone on about how he should forget going to the public school and just go back to private school. Wasn't like Warren really had to worry that much, he just hated the debate. Though an article in the paper actually caught his attention.

Snagging the section he had been reading he snatched up his cup of coffee walking back towards his room his mind thinking. The others he had made friends with looked more normal than he did. Yeah, I can't do a lot that the others can because of my hollow bones... If this guy's working on gene therapy to help with physical conditions, he can't be as bad as the specialists I go to now...
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ooc: After this))

He wasn't sure if it really worked. Fooling Rogue would be one thing, the Professor would be another, not to mention Jean.

He knew where Reiko would be. He wasn't sure if she would be there yet at least.

He'll keep her alive. After all he'll want to figure out how her aura works. If I convince them I don't know what's going on, I might be able to stall for more time. Then there will be two of us. We'll just have to find War and Famine. He knew it was a long shot, after all, two of the best telepaths in the world would be there, not to mention a few other people that could read him like a book.

He'll finish his task. I just have to stall for as much time as I can. Not like she'll manage to get word out to anyone. Even Magneto wouldn't be able to find her. Yeah, Warren was actually worried that the old master that Reiko followed would get involved. He had a little more metal in him. The blond still didn't know exactly why Lord Apocalypse would want the girl, she wasn't that great to begin with, if anything she was an extra liability when it came to missions.

Not my place to ask why. Just to follow orders.
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Warren woke his head pounding. The floor under him had collapsed sending him to the level below. Being careful he found nothing had broken at least. Moving carefully he looked around the chamber he was in. It looked too preserved, there wasn’t even dust, except for the sand that had fallen when he had.

Okay… this is new. Peeking up at the hole he called for a rope to be lowered and someone to bring the gear. He had a feeling that what he had stumbled into was bigger than what the Americans were working on about a mile away from him. “Get the doctor here too. He might want to see this.”


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