Apr. 9th, 2009

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Warren woke his head pounding. The floor under him had collapsed sending him to the level below. Being careful he found nothing had broken at least. Moving carefully he looked around the chamber he was in. It looked too preserved, there wasn’t even dust, except for the sand that had fallen when he had.

Okay… this is new. Peeking up at the hole he called for a rope to be lowered and someone to bring the gear. He had a feeling that what he had stumbled into was bigger than what the Americans were working on about a mile away from him. “Get the doctor here too. He might want to see this.”
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He wasn't sure if it really worked. Fooling Rogue would be one thing, the Professor would be another, not to mention Jean.

He knew where Reiko would be. He wasn't sure if she would be there yet at least.

He'll keep her alive. After all he'll want to figure out how her aura works. If I convince them I don't know what's going on, I might be able to stall for more time. Then there will be two of us. We'll just have to find War and Famine. He knew it was a long shot, after all, two of the best telepaths in the world would be there, not to mention a few other people that could read him like a book.

He'll finish his task. I just have to stall for as much time as I can. Not like she'll manage to get word out to anyone. Even Magneto wouldn't be able to find her. Yeah, Warren was actually worried that the old master that Reiko followed would get involved. He had a little more metal in him. The blond still didn't know exactly why Lord Apocalypse would want the girl, she wasn't that great to begin with, if anything she was an extra liability when it came to missions.

Not my place to ask why. Just to follow orders.


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