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Name: (Nicky
Age: I do hope 32 is over 18
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Your Character
Name: Warren Kenneth Worthington III - Angel
Age: 17
Played By:Devon Sawa
Power: Flight (That 16 foot wing span’s not just for show) Heightened stamina, eyesight, and physical strength.

History: Born into money Warren spent most of his life in private schools and in trouble (What else is a boy from Manhattan supposed to do after all, never anything serious, but he was always playing pranks on other students if nothing else for a laugh or two, though he never did anything to really be mean.

His wings have just grown in, and he’s been hiding it from his parents, not sure what they would think, after all image to them is almost everything. Since his wings have grown in though he’s been slowly trying to fade more into the background, after all he doesn’t want to have to explain the jackets or sweaters he uses to hide his wings when he’s in public.

Personality: Warren’s personality could almost be split personality, when he’s with others he’s friendly and loyal to those he calls friends. If they have a problem he’ll try to help them out even if it’s lending a shoulder. Warren’s a flirt, which usually gets him into trouble.
Warren can be a horrible flirt at times when it comes to women, though he’s almost always loyal to those he considers friends, and he likes to spoil said friends if they allow him to.

When on his own though he tends to be more secretive and withdrawn, he’s easier to anger and it’s harder for him to keep his cool, this is where he really gets himself into trouble. He is quicker to anger, and sometimes might snap at those he considers friends before he realizes they’re there.

Roleplay Sample: He knew his parents would worry if they knew where he was at that hour, but he had felt cooped up in the penthouse, and it was still a week until he was supposed to move back into the dorms for school. All summer, he had probably seen his parents about eight times, the two of them too busy with their things, but as long as he didn’t get them bad press they didn’t care what he did.

If they knew about the changes that had happened the month before he had come home for the summer they probably would have worried more. Leaning back against the crown of the Statue of Liberty he listened to the muted sounds of the city. He was in one of the few spots that wasn’t lit up, when he had figured out how to use his wings he had searched out places that were worth the risk.

The sun was just starting to rise, he’d stay there another twenty minutes just to watch it light up the city before he snuck back into the penthouse and his room. It was becoming a normal routine, he’d slip out for a while in the early hours, sometimes watch the sun rise from this perch, other times he’d just find something to do, after all there was always something going on.

You know you don’t have to hide all the time. Warren had just gotten to the door of his father’s building when he heard the voice. Glancing over his shoulder he saw the pair walking up to him. He had taken a cab back from Central park after slipping his jacket back on; sure no one saw his wings.

“Yeah it’s late I’m probably just imagining things.” He moved to enter the building when one of the trash can’s moved to block the door. Glancing over he caught the glare one of them gave the other.

“Okay nice trick, really I’m not buying it.”
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